Board of Directors as of January 2021

With roots dating back to 1998, Moldova World Children’s Fund, Inc. (MWCF) is a North Carolina, USA based not-for-profit non-governmental international charity. Most of its operations focus on the Republic of Moldova, the least developed country in Eastern Europe, located near the Black Sea where its people struggle to evolve from the stifling remnants of the former Soviet Union.

Management is led by its founding president and fifteen other non-paid volunteer board members spread across the United States and Moldova…all dedicated to helping the less fortunate …one or more working visits to Moldova an expectation of board membership.

Support comes from financial donors and actively engaged partners from around the world. Cash contributions are heavily leveraged by cooperation with participants of both private and government sectors primarily in the USA and Europe. In-country Moldova assistance is principally provided by the local NGO International Center for Collaboration and Development “PHOENIX”.

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