Ray West, president of Moldova World Children’s Fund, has spent over a decade doing good things in Moldova, and the installation of this heating system for the boarding school in Leova is just the latest in what is a long and growing list of projects for the children of this country.
The Honorable Michael D. Kirby, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova

The stories on this website should speak for themselves. You are doing good work. There are many people and places in Moldova that are thankful that they have come to your attention. Your dedication is outstanding, and I am just proud to be associated with you.
The Honorable Elaine F. Marshall, North Carolina Secretary of State

The unique partnership we’ve forged with Moldova World Children’s Fund has been pivotal to our ability to make a lasting difference for children. Ray’s hands-on oversight of projects ensures that the work gets done right and on budget. His knowledge of Moldova and of the significant challenges of administering international aid have been critical to our decision to expand in this destitute country.
Janice Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer, Wide Horizons for Children, Waltham, MA

Our largest project has been renovating the tuberculosis hospital in Ceadyr-Lunga. It has been transformed from an empty shell with no functioning fresh water, sewer, heat or lights into a hospital meeting and surpassing European hospital standards. It is now Moldova’s National Rehabilitation Children’s Hospital. Without Ray’s careful management, the $1 million spent would have been more.
Stefan Homa, Chisinau, Moldova architect, associated with MCWF

We came home with endless stories…of great need…of American generosity…of Moldova gratitude…of children’s successes despite having to learn their letters in coats and mittens. Can we let these children go untended?  Definitely not.
Jeannie Gooch, teacher, Flat Rock, NC